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The Scholarship and Cultural Foreign Relations Department (SD) of the Ministry of Education plays an important role in managing the scholarship program for studies abroad. Students are sent to institutions of higher learning in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union countries, and neighboring Arab countries. Among the programs sponsored abroad are health sciences, medicine, engineering, computer sciences, information and computer technology, business, management, economics, and environment studies.

Cultural Division, Embassy of the UAE, Washington D.C.

Through Cultural Attache Offices (CAO) within the Embassies of the UAE abroad, the SD works to place UAE students into institutions of higher learning in that country. At the Embassy of the UAE in Washington DC, the Cultural Division is responsible for the placement of MOE-sponsored students into higher education institutions within the United States and Canada. The Cultural Division also serves the students, who range from undergraduate through graduate levels, with other services such as scholarship disbursement, academic monitoring and advising, as well as ensuring the general welfare of the students while enrolled in their programs of study. The Cultural Division is the direct link between the students and the sponsoring agencies in the UAE. It strives to assist these students so they may accomplish their scholastic goals as well as achieve personal growth.

In addition to working with the MOE-sponsored students, the Cultural Division also serves as MOE’s representative in the US and Canada. The Cultural Division regularly meets with faculty and staff from institutions of higher learning from around the US and Canada to further discuss matters aimed towards better partnerships for the benefit of the students as well as the United Arab Emirates.



Student Financial Benefits – Other Allowances

  • One time Travel Allowance paid at the beginning of the scholarship period.
  • Annual Books & Clothing Allowance
  • One time Computer Allowance for medical and engineering students. Allowance amount is limited to one month’s salary.
  • Roundtrip air line ticket from UAE to USA/Canada. Ticket is provided by the Ministry of Education.
  • Roundtrip air line ticket from place of study to conference/research area one time during scholarship and requires pre approval by the Ministry of Education.
  • One way ticket from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington DC to the student’s place of study.
  • Hotel Stay up to six nights upon arrival at the beginning of the scholarship period. To process your request for reimbursement, original hotel invoice with proof of payment required. If paid by credit card, copy of the credit card receipt or bank statement is required.
  • Printing/Binding fees at the end of graduation for thesis. Amount not to exceed 4000 DHS.
  • Shipping & Cargo fees at the end of the scholarship period. Reimbursed upon submission of original invoices from the shipping company. Maximum not to exceed 50 kilos.

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