Abu Dhabi Investment Authority


Dear valued student:

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) welcomes you to Washington, D.C. and wishes you success in your educational endeavor. During the period of your scholarship, we will provide you with all the assistance that you may need in order to facilitate your stay and direct your full attention to your educational demands and requirements.

You will start getting your monthly allowances as well as the books and clothing allowance effective the month of your arrival to the intended country ( United States or Canada) and submitting the needed documents ( A copy of your passport, a copy of your I-20 and a copy of the I-94) to your Academic Advisor. Also, it is required to provide him/her with two of your personal photos for the sake of processing your medical card. Please note that your Advisor will provide you with some necessary forms for you to fill and return to him/her. Also, a package would be given to you as part of the orientation. You will find in the mentioned package information about education in the United States and Canada, as well as some cultural background.

Upon arrival to your final destination, please arrange to provide your Academic Advisor with the address of your residence and the telephone number so he/she could get in touch with you when it is necessary. Also, you should find a nearby bank and open a “checking” account. Please request from the bank official to provide you with personal checks. Upon receiving your personal checks, please provide your Academic Advisor with a “void” check to enable the Cultural Office to process your monthly allowance and send it directly to your bank account .

We urge you to please contact the Registrar's Office/International Student's Office at the university/college in order to register for the term you will be in as a Full-Time Student. We also ask you to send your registration documents to your Academic Advisor at the beginning of every term. At the end of the term, we ask you to provide your Academic Advisor with the original term report “transcript”. We ask you not to withdraw from any subjects that you have already registered for unless it is during the Drop/Add period that the university specified.

We would like to inform you that our office will issue a special achievement bonus equivalent to one month’s allowance in every academic year if you maintain at least GPA 2.7 or above. On the other end of the scale, an initial warning will be issued and sent to those whose average achievement were less than 2.0 or if the student had dropped subjects after the specified Drop/Add period as specified by the university. An initial warning will also be issued and sent to those students who take on fewer subjects than the number of subjects required to maintain their F-1 student visa. Should the above occur again then a final warning will be issued and sent to the student in question and he/she will be given a chance for rectification during the following term, if this under-achievement is not corrected then we shall recommend that the student’s scholarship be cancelled. Please note that the U.S. immigration rules and regulations policy requirements dictate that an undergraduate student is not allowed to register for less than 12 credits per a semester. And, for the graduate not less than 9 credits per a semester. If for any reason you intend to drop certain credits, you should get a written approval from your University or College advisor.

Every ADIA sponsor student will qualify for one return ticket per academic year. If the student is married, a return ticket will be issued to all members of his/her family.

We wish all of you very a happy time and successful years wherever you are in the United States or in Canada.

Student Financial Benefits – Other Allowances

  • One time Travel Allowance paid at the beginning of the scholarship period.
  • One time Computer Allowance to all students. Allowance amount is limited to $1500.00.
  • Annual Academic Achievement award. This amount is limited to one month’s salary.
  • Annual Student Travel allowance. This allowance covers the student, spouse, and family.
  • One way travel allowance for students who have graduated or their scholarship was cancelled.


The office covers all the students medical bills up to $15000 yearly. For Dental issues, the office covers all students up to $4000 yearly for necessary work excluding all cosmetic work.

Travel / Ticketing

The student is allowed a one-time annual travel allowance for the academic year totaling $3500 due in the summer. To be eligible, he has to have completed 2 full semesters or 3 quarters.


The accounting section reimburses the student if he paid by his own, but he had to submit the original receipt and a copy of the statement or check (which way he paid) in order to reimburse him.

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