Authenticating Documents

The Cultural Division at the UAE Embassy authenticates degrees, certificates, diplomas, grade reports, and transcripts completed at US and Canadian institutions. To authenticate document/s, please be advised that:

  1. The Cultural Division in the UAE Embassy authenticates only degrees, certificates, diplomas, and transcripts from postsecondary institutions recognized  by Regional Accrediting Organizations.
  2. Programs, such as Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Medicine, and others programs,  have to be accredited by the appropriate Professional Accrediting Organization.
  3. Students are not allowed to take credits through Non-Traditional courses (online, correspondence, learning by distance, and independent studies) except in accordance with stated guidelines and after approval of the Cultural Division at the UAE Embassy.
  4. Credits taken at unapproved universities are not recognized and therefore will not be authenticated. (See section on accreditation for more information on approved institutions.)
  5. Undergraduate students can take a total of 12 credit hours by Non-Traditional courses, and Graduate students can take a total of 6 credit hours at the Masters level and 9 credit hours at the Doctorate level by Non-Traditional courses, only if the following conditions are met:
    1. All online, correspondence, learning by distance, and independent studies courses must be approved by the Cultural Division before the student enrolls in the course.
    2. Students must provide the Cultural Division with a letter from his/her home university describing the courses in detail.
    3. Online, correspondence, and learning by distance courses must be completed at an approved university. Independent Studies courses must be completed at the home university.
  6. Courses that were denied authentication will not be authenticated unless taken again, through traditional classroom attendance.
  7. Transfer of university/college must be within the country of sponsorship (United States or Canada).

Checklist of Documents Required for UAE Private Students

1 Original final transcript. Please make sure that there is the word “Awarded or Completed” on your transcript and the date of completion.
2 Original diploma (and other documents you want to verify, e.g., letter of completion, letter of achievement, letter of enrollment verification).
3 Copies of any transfer work. Please provide a copy of transcripts from any other schools attended. Students can give their schools the Embassy's address below, to send transcripts directly.
4 A copy of your passport.
5 A return, prepaid envelope including your home address and phone number. Students may consider arranging for private delivery, through companies such as FedEx or DHL.
6 Fees: Money order or cashier check for the appropriate amount, made payable to BB&T Bank Card Corp. Please visit the web site below to determine cost (use the amount listed under “Retail and Corporate Level Users”).
7 Please fill out, sign and return the release of information consent form.
8 Mail to:
Embassy of UAE – Cultural Division
3522 International Court, NW, Suite 202
Washington, DC 20008
Attn: Ahmed Khalouki

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