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The UAE Embassy extends its warmest greetings to the hundreds of UAE students who are in the United States in pursuit of higher education and professional training. The Embassy, through the Cultural Division, provides several services to assist each student in navigating their path to academic success.

The Cultural Division’s website contains information and guidance regarding topics of interest for new and continuing UAE students including general procedures and requirements relevant to student scholarships, financial benefits, and health coverage. We also provide information on US immigration regulations, accreditation, authentication, US institutions and programs approved by the Ministry of Education and other useful information.

If you are a UAE citizen studying in the United States, but are not sponsored by any governmental department or private agency, and would like the Embassy to keep in touch with you through the Cultural Division, we advise you to complete the Private Student Registration Form found below. Please feel welcome to reach out to us with any questions.

The Cultural Division retains your information in order to better assist you in the event of an emergency and obtain a travel document to the UAE. As an academic resource, we will authenticate your documents and advise you on the accreditation of an institution or a program.

For further information regarding all information and services provided for students by the Cultural Division of the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, please see below:

We wish you success during your time in the United States.

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Can I intern at the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC?

The UAE Embassy does not have a formal internship program.

I am a student and need information about the UAE culture for a school project.

Please browse our Embassy website under "The UAE" for information on our history, government and economy amongst other topics. Also please visit our Travel page. Many of the Tourism Groups & Travel Information websites have additional information on the UAE which you may find useful. Another useful resource on UAE history is the UAE’s annual yearbook.

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